This hand care product was in my Latest In Beauty Red Carpet Box, see contents.  I am not too keen on the packaging, the actual tube is great and easy to use but otherwise it’s just a bit plain – this obviously doesn’t distract from the actual product.
!QMSMEDICOSMETICS claim their hand care is anti-ageing, intensely moisturising, uniquely protective and leaves no greasy residue.
I assume they say hand care as it’s not a cream but more of a balm. I wasn’t too sure on it at first but I agree with them on that no greasy residue is left on the skin and my hands do feel moisturised after use. I have also washed my hands fairly soon after applying which did not rid of the effects unlike most hand creams – the uniquely protective element perhaps? The problem I find is that you need to use more than you would normally which I think is because it’s a balm and not a slippery cream and also makes it’s harder to spread evenly. I find to get into between my fingers where it’s normally drier I have to apply separately as I just can’t get into the crevices. I do quite like it, and feel it does the job it claims too plus the smell reminds me of my lovely Nan but at £20 for 75ml it’s just too expensive and wouldn’t last me very long. If money was not an issue I would gladly stump up the cost but as it were, I will stick my most favourite hand cream by Soap & Glory.
Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?