15 resume blunders to avoid

Recruiters use approximately six seconds to determine whether a resume is worth a closer assessment. These are six seconds you have to make a good impression by making every word count. To ensure your resume does not end up in the trash, here are fifteen common mistakes that resume and cv writing service would want you to avoid.

Exaggerated titles

Individuals in their early twenties today have titles such as CEO or CFO in their resumes. Having your startups may portray your entrepreneur skills; however, these titles expose your lack of professional employment; thus, should be avoided.

Highlighting your objectives

The easiest way of putting off a recruiter is coming across as a job seeker who wants to leverage their skills. Avoid stating your objectives and instead explain why you are great for that position, your professional accomplishments, and unique capabilities.


Including your photo in the resume is a grave blander you should avoid. It distracts the recruiter from your qualifications and gives them a clue of your age, religion, and nationality, which can lead to your discrimination. Give the recruiter a chance to consider you solely on your qualifications.

Inappropriate email addresses

Funny email addresses might seem cute when communicating with friends and family but are a poor choice when representing you professionally. Sign up with providers such as Gmail and reserve the email for job hunting.

Listing your mailing address

In an age of technological advancement, correspondence happens over the phone or through emails, and no communication would come via the snail mail. Thus, stop including your street address.

Including personal details

Personal information such as marital status, age, and religion, your family and hobbies should never appear in your resume.

Poor design

An excellent resume should contain a clear layout with information logically flowing to enable the reader to read through quickly. Utilize resume templates to help you organize your data.

Failure to enumerate your career progress for long term employment

Working for one employer for many years is impressive, and should be documented. Instead of listing this work history as one, break it down into the different promotions, and list your responsibilities and achievements.

Getting noticed

Job seekers devise insane tricks to get their resume noticed. Going the extra mile is recommended but, avoid including bizarre strategies such as carving your resume on wood to portray how broke you are as it is likely to backfire.

Formulate a resume that portrays more qualifications as opposed to flair.

A recruiter will require your contact information to get in touch, and it would be inappropriate to use the email address of your current employment as this shows you do not respect or care about your job.

Failing to include your achievements

One of the regular resume blunders is failing to note down achievements on the job and only describing the responsibilities. Recruiters want to know how well you meet your obligations and only achievements make this clear.

Too academic a resume

It is okay not to have any experience, but focusing only on your academic work does not help you get a job as it does not demonstrate your abilities and the kind of employee you are.

Including necessary skills

Typing, using MS Word, copying, and printing are some of the essential skills you must have today. Mentioning them is irrelevant and a waste of space.

Using extreme fonts and colors

The font to use in your resume should be simple to avoid confusing the recruiter. Fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Tahoma are simple and communicate your information.

Spelling and grammar errors

Most job seekers list their skills as attentive to details and keen observation, and the only way to prove this is ensuring your resume is free of errors. Go through it severally to avoid this disheartening blunder.


            An excellent resume should communicate clearly what position you are applying for and what you bring to the table. By avoiding these blunders, you are sure of getting an interview.



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