How to write an Excellent Essay on Any Topic

How to write an Excellent Essay on Any Topic

Perfect essay for you is a somewhat doubting affair for most students. Whether it is in elementary school, all through to the university where these assignments are frequent, it is not the easiest homework to complete. An essay refers to a short piece of composition that communicates information and the opinion held by a writer.

Throughout your academic career, you will have to complete numerous essays. For some students, composing it requires them to begin typing, while for a majority of them it signifies stress. You cannot change the academic requirements, but by observing the following steps by experts from Perfect Essay, you can learn how to write an essay.

Steps in writing an essay

Steps in writing an essay

Step one

The initial step when writing an essay is determining the type of composition you will write. According to Perfect Essay, there are several groups of pieces that you can write

  • Narrative essay, which is a type of writing that narrates a story or give clear information about your topic.
  • Description essay is writing that centers on giving details of a subject or an event to help the reader identify with your work.
  • A persuasive essay is the type of composition that seeks to convince the reader of a particular position.
  • A comparative essay is a type of writing that compares two or more ideas or things.
  • The expository essay provides a reader with a step by step explanation about a process.

Determining the type of essay your assignment requires you to write puts you on the right track of coming up with an essay topic and the structure of your composition.

Step two: Brainstorming.

Writing a custom essay that meets all the requirements necessitate you to have an idea about what you will be writing. In brainstorming, you get to come up with the topic of your writing, as well as, come up with different ideas to include in the essay. Writing service such as Perfect Essay believes that a perfect essay for you has to observe the following during this phase.

  • Note down all the ideas that come to mind about your topic, which you can later narrow down.
  • Map your essay, by writing your essay topic. Next, cluster different ideas around it, to help you develop the different sections of your question while coming up with exciting
  • Narrow down your topic by selecting one that best answers the question posed by your assignment. Consider a specific event and number of pages you are to write when settling on a topic.

Step three: conduct research

After coming up with your topic, you need to carry out some research. The step is particularly important to help you enrich your essay. Visit a library and peruse through books, academic papers or newspapers about your topic for relevant information. Also, you can go online and look through different websites and articles for essential details about your question. Make sure that you refer to authoritative sources for accurate and trustworthy information.

Step four: Compose a thesis statement

A thesis statement is the main point your essay will make. A thesis appears at the end of the introductory paragraph, in one or two sentences. It enumerates what your piece will discuss and reasons as to why it is essential to take that position. For example, if your thesis is, “dogs make the best pet,” you have to give reasons such as, “because they are loyal and friendly.” Also, the thesis should be broad enough to give you enough to say but not so expansive that you cannot exhaust the topic.

Step five: create an outline

The next step is making a skeleton of your essay. Website essay writing service such as Perfect Essay note that an outline is essential in organizing your discussion, ensuring it is logical and all your ideas flow. Begin by writing your thesis, and then compose a topic sentence to represent each paragraph you will write. Ensure each section discusses only one thought, to avoid confusion and create a proper transition from one idea to the other. All points discussed in each paragraph should connect with the thesis.

Step six: Write your essay and edit it.

It is time to start writing your essay. Following the guide of your outline, add information to the skeleton, ensuring it is understandable and interconnected. Once you complete writing, re-read your work and edit it. Check on its organization, consistency, and clearness and make sure all the information flows together. Also, correct all the grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, eliminate technical errors, remove colloquial writing and eliminate unnecessary words.

In conclusion, it is not easy to compose an essay, as it requires a lot in coming up with an excellent composition. For some students, completing such assignments can be challenging, thereby making them buy essay online. Perfect Essay can guide you on how to get an essay online; however, by observing these tips; you can perfect your skills and come up with a well-written article.

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